Amelia is a Textile Designer who creates abstract, bold prints for interiors and fashion. She and her process embrace imperfections whilst creating playful formations inspired by her surroundings-predominately studying urban space. Amelia looks at space in a unique manner, taking notice of unnoticed negative space; drawing from the volume in between and surrounding forms and objects. She uses cut out papers and mark making to allow her to collage together drawings to then create designs. Adjusting these digitally enables her to further develop and reuse shapes and mark making by overlaying, subtracting and inverting areas.

Screen printing pieces of these drawings and designs allows her to create unique, bold and captivating compositions using various masking off and print techniques. Amelia’s process allows her to celebrate her loose, artistic capabilities whilst applying her designs to mid-century modern and scandinavian inspired interiors as well as contemporary, fun fashion pieces.

Instagram: @ameliaellwood_design



NUA_12_295 NUA_12_287 NUA_12_293

Kathryn Hubbard

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