Growing up on a farm Charlotte has always been influenced by the outdoors. Nature will always play a key role in her designs. Her favourite colour being green, you will see that a lot of her work includes flowers and foliage. She is interested in working with a lot of materials and processes but print design is where she specialises. Coming runner up in the Van Dal shoe competition 2016, you would have also seen Charlottes designs in Norwich Fashion Week 2017. Charlotte uses a mixture of processes to create her
work. Looking at nature, she draws using a method called Polychromatic Screen Printing. By painting straight onto an open screen and then pushing clear print paste through it she is able to create prints straight onto fabric or onto different papers. Once the dr
awing process is complete Charlotte scans her work into a digital format and spends a lot of time using Photoshop to turn the drawings into repeat prints that can then be printed onto any fabric or product of her choice. Once Charlotte finishes her degree this summer, starting her own business under the name Charlotte Elizabeth Haistead Textile Designer. By creating a constant flow
of new prints she is hoping to sell them on stationary and other larger interior products. The designs will keep to her distinctive design and of course use a lot of green!
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To see more of Charlotte
s work please visit:
Instagram : @charlottestextiles_
Etsy: CEHStudi

Kathryn Hubbard

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