Chloe is a Woven Designer creating woven formed fabrics for Concept Automotive Interiors, challenging the concept of bringing colour and pattern inside; allowing the interior to become a more important part of the car. Her woven fabrics are inspired by our surroundings, using photography and drawing to create graphic bold motifs which translate onto the loom and into her woven fabrics. Specifically looking at the details and patterns missed while on journeys, exploring macro nature and city architecture to inform her designs. On the loom, she considers use of yarn and materials to include intense bold colour and reflect on the inspiration. She chooses her materials to inform her context, reflecting on how it would suit automotive design.  Chloe uses a technique on the loom to create padded structures within the designs, allowing embossed forms and structures to be produced. She has also worked off the loom with designs adhering them to foam to create different structures with stitch.

Her main interest and aim would be to work for the Automotive Interior Market, continuing to push boundaries and develop skills. However, Chloe is also open to opportunities thinking about other markets which her designs could fit themselves into such as Interior and Fashion.


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Kathryn Hubbard

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