Emily Willgress is a printed textile designer who has explored combining a variety of processes and techniques within her prints, to produce a range suitable for fashion and interiors. Inspiration was taken from a range of natural sources including the beach and forests. This inspiration was then developed into delicate prints, focusing on hand processes such as painting directly onto screens and embroidery.

As well as producing prints for fashion and interiors, Emily also likes to take a fine art textiles route within her work, by producing large mixed media prints which are stretched onto large circular frames. These pieces of work focus on the variety of processes used to produce very intricate and detailed pieces of art.

Emily hopes to continue and develop her love of combining processes further within screen printing and hand embroidery to produce versatile prints for both the fashion and interior design industry.



OceanicFlora#4  Collection  DigitalDesigns

OceanicFlora#3  DevelopmentSamples   OceanicFlora#1

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