These luxury hand made tiles have been created by Emma Pegrum, Inspired by the old and new builds she works in while studying at this university. This one large collection of tiles can be split into three, each one based on the individual architecture within the building. Three colour palettes can be seen across these tiles, layered with clay slips and glazes to create the right shade and textures. Layering the many glazes has created a college and abstract feel on these tiles, with a few being engraved back into with hand drawn dot designs. Using the laser cutter to engrave has created a subtle image that you may not see from a far. These hand made tiles are not designed to create a repeat pattern across a surface, but are designed to be carefully chosen to build a unique one off piece of ceramics.

IMG_2881 IMG_2891 IMG_2793

IMG_2905 IMG_3034 IMG_3032

Kathryn Hubbard

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