Jasmine explores the craftsmanship of traditional and highly innovative techniques to create a range of designs suitable for both fashion and interiors. Her graduate collection No Stitch Allowed explores three dimensional structures that are created through smock. Each design is hand dyed and stitched, with added metallic finishes. This artistry conceals the folds of the garment and when the stitch is removed, exposes what was once hidden.

Through investigating linear patterns and how they can be altered through manipulation within her smock, Jasmine also creates digital designs that aim to challenge the viewer’s perception of visual reality. The focus of repetition and mirroring has formed a running theme throughout her collection, allowing the construction of each unique piece and leading to a variety of commissions this year.

Jasmine hopes to continue this development of illusion and explore her current processes further. In August, she will be interning with Ciment Pleating which will allow her to see how large scale pieces are produced within the industry and to learn how to adapt this within her own world of smocking.

jasminebutcherdesign@outlook.com / jasminebutcherdesign.wixsite.com/textiles / @jasminebutcherdesign


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Kathryn Hubbard

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