Jessica Leslie is a digital print designer specialising in water colour painting as well as creating repeat designs for interior and fashion. Her degree show project is inspired by a trip to Thailand she took last summer, in which she explored the culture and admired the beauty and craftsmanship of the Thai temples. During the visit, she came to appreciate how much time and effort went into creating these temples, the scale of the structures, as well as the respect they were given by those who visited. Jessica wanted this to be reflected in her final piece by putting the same level of detail into her own paintings whilst creating something substantial and ambitious through the scale of her own piece. She used a mixture of traditional and digital methods to create a series of large scale wall murals as well as explored numerous repeat designs for interiors.

IMG_4425 IMG_3686 IMG_4440IMG_4428 IMG_4441 context3-3

Kathryn Hubbard

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