Kat works with print, specialising in repeat patterns for interior fabrics and wall coverings. She feels confident when taking inspiration from a range of places and has a diverse portfolio of themes, drawings and final designs.  The pieces on show at the NUA Exhibition are from the final project, inspired by the lives of her Grandparents, tarnished unwanted metals and a range of metallic effects. All created using digital and hand printing processes.

The collection began by looking through a box of her Grandmother’s jewellery; the smell of her perfume still lay on the watch that would have sat on her wrist. Delicate feminine shapes, translated into harsher pieces through the use of technical drawing and sharp lines. Influenced a long the way by Art Deco styles, hidden treasures and architectural blue prints. A collection to survive longer than a hint of perfume or a blurred memory.

Email: kathrynhubbard.95@gmail.com

Website: www.kathubbardtextiles.com

Instagram: @katelizahub

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Kathryn Hubbard

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