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Lizzie is a textile designer with a love of colour and an experimental approach to materials. With her sensitive use of colour and intuitive use of materials, she creates beautiful woven designs. Inspired by found materials, architecture and activewear, her latest collection Quiet Materiality explores translucency and contrasting textures through the inherent qualities of the materials used. Quiet Materiality is a collection of delicate hand-woven designs with a calm, elemental feel and a gently sophisticated colour palette with neon highlights.  Exploring the way activewear is inspiring luxury brands the collection combines luxury yarns like merino wool and silk mohair with performance materials such as polyester, nylon and reflective yarn.

Constantly on the lookout for inspiration Lizzie documents her world through photography, drawings and collage building a narrative that underpins her work to inspire and inform her woven designs. Drawn to architecture, she is often inspired by the clean, geometric shapes of contemporary structures like the Black Diamond in Copenhagen, as well as the contrasting textures found within old, abandoned buildings in North Norfolk. Lizzie is excited about future opportunities within mills and woven design studios, as well as gaining experience and developing her knowledge of colour and materials through trend research

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