Print designer, Megan Florey combines traditional and digital processes to create decorative, exciting print designs. She sees the possibilities of experimenting with processes and has an instinctive ability to bring together texture, colour and compositions. Drawing from nature and architecture are key starting points. Megan’s playful design process leads to bold, textured prints which form her GeoBloom and GeoBurst interior collection and will be shown at Degree Show and at New Designers. These collections were inspired by combining confident bold geometrics with delicate natural elements, representing what is seen of nature in everyday life. An innovative combination of processes is used including collage, screen-printing and lasercutting, with the addition of a striking exploration of colour. Megan really enjoys working practically and created all her compositions initially by hand and developed placement prints and repeats through digital remastering. Her layered combination of processes shows creativity and adds depth, tone and excitement to her work. Megan’s collections are contemporary and have commercial appeal as well as an unexpected edge.
         1st image of Megan Florey's work 2nd image of Megan Florey's work 3rd image of Megan Florey's work                     4th image of Megan Florey's work 5th image of Megan Florey's work 7th image of Megan Florey's work

Kathryn Hubbard

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