Sarah Alderton is a textile artist who has explored the process of making and producing unique colour and pattern formations applied to a range of fabrics.  This project began with sources of inspiration taken from colours in nature and strong forms viewed in architecture.  She enjoys combining repeating 3D patterns with strong colour combinations and using reflective vinyls.

More recently she has extensively researched pattern and colour combinations, taking ideas forward from traditional craft methods into a digitalized format.  Sarah demonstrates that her ideas and final outcomes are extremely versatile, enhancing a range of disciplines within the sportswear clothing industry. 

Sarah hopes to advance her ideas, continuing to show a dynamic dialogue between colour, pattern and exploring fusing different fabrics within the production processes.  She is excited to develop her portfolio further whilst working in industry, combining craft and exploring new and future technology methods.   


NUA_09_003  NUA_09_009  NUA_09_005

Kathryn Hubbard

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