Sophie’s design work aims to bring inanimate objects to life via fun and exciting imagery. Each design provides an interesting yet sophisticated narrative within its surface. The work features heavily around the collection of toys which have been collected over the years with the use of Photoshop and interesting forms of layering creating the base for design. Sophie’s work is highly influenced by pop culture artist Jeff Koons through both the use of colour and design, Sophie has always been drawn to small objects with huge character this being something others may find trivial Sophie takes these and makes them into something of quality and desire. Sophie uses a variety of processes within her design work, Dyed laser cut and engraved acrylic have been selectively applied to neoprene to allow her designs to take on a three-dimensional feel, with these raised surfaces referring to the design work reflecting shape and surface, the way these have been applied allows for an interesting effect. Sophie’s use of photographic elements gives her a unique, distinctive and fresh style whilst the mixture of pastel colour allows for an interesting contrast between both tone and image.

NUA_09_047 fishsoot3  fshoot2

Kathryn Hubbard

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