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Amy Thompson


I am a graduate from Norwich University of Arts, specialising in Textiles Design and specifically focusing on Surface Pattern and Print Design. My design process is inspired by natural forms and beings and I find that rich,bold and considered colours enhance the overall impact of my work. Drawing is the initial process of all my pattern designs, I use intricate lines and striking gouache painting to build up different impressions and styles within my prints. My repeat print designs are suitable for a variety of products and placements in
both Fashion and Interior contexts.
I am continuously inspired by my surroundings and am always allowing them to influence my work, my designs are ever evolving and I love to be challenged by new things. As a designer I am consistently knowledgeable about new trends and forecasts and use this to shape my work. My prints are current with an essence of timelessness. ​
Instagram: @amythompsons
Instagram: @seamlessandginger

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