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Bethany Voak

I have always been influenced by nature and the sense of calm and belonging that the natural world brings when among it. For my recent work, I have delved into this link between finding faith and the natural world. I have developed textiles that reflect nature’s opulence and grace, whilst also delivering this feeling of trust and belonging to the viewer. I have used materials like luscious silks and sumptuous velvets to achieve this because of their shine and texture. Overlapping and overlaying motifs in a balanced way is particularly important in creating a harmonious design. Colour and transparency have also played a part in my work. For example, by seeing the light change within the different translucencies of the leaves in the trees or the reflection of the silvery dew drop has helped me develop and understand how light and colour can affect people. It is very rewarding when my work causes an emotional response in people, recalling a feeling, a moment in time, a sense of place but especially when they smile; I feel my work is then reaching out to individuals.​

Eleanor Brigginshaw