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Daisy Read

‘Daisy is a surface pattern designer living in the vibrant city of Norwich. Daisy’s work reflects her love for eccentric colours and all things nature. All her artwork begins by using hand generated media such as photographs, collaging and hand drawing using Posca pens and pencils. Daisy is passionate about color and how it can have an effect on moods and senses. She then follows by transforming and drawing them digitally using Wacom tablets, without losing the touch of handcraft elements.

 Her patterns translate an imaginary bright world of reinvented florals and natural organisms, creating fun vibrant prints to incorporate into something new. She also has a keen interest in fashion and how print can enhance the design.

Alongside this she creates alternative platforms to showcase her work in mediums not seen in textiles, creating collaborated films that can be transported anywhere in the design world. ‘


Iga Szymanska