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Elizabeth Kate Jones


My chosen subject area is surface print, I have specialised in Digital Textile Design and Surface Print Design.

Already a Graduate from Bath Spa University in Fashion and Textiles, my interest at Norwich University of the Arts primarily has been Interior design.

My focus for Resolution and innovation unit BA3b is identifying my strengths from the last unit and developing strong pieces of work enabling me to broaden my skills in digital and surface print textile design.

I have continued my photoshop skills by using filters within my work to further inspire and recreate original designs, I have also created new work with the use of a drawing tablet. Some designs have been digitally printed and I have also silk screen printed surface textile print with procion dyes and printed with illuminated discharge onto natural silk and cotton fabrics.

‘To what extent do our surroundings influence who we are?’

‘Can a positive environment help in the treatment of schizophrenia and dementia patients?’ These are my two main questions that I identified and asked myself as part of my research report.

The research that I gathered as part of my research report identified certain colour spectrums as therapeutic and soothing to an impaired or person suffering with mental health problems. The colour spectrums that I am working from are cool tones, earth tones and bright pastels. The journey that I have taken has begun to develop further through a relaxing process of creating designs and free hand drawing with my drawing tablet, allowing myself to create my work with a sense of therapy in mind.

I was greatly inspired by a visit to Julien Hospital in Norwich and the conversations I had with Educator Lisa Breame about the surroundings of a dementia patient, what is required and in her opinion what helped with the treatment of a dementia patient.

I have identified that my journey through unit BA3b has been made up of two routes, this includes my own development as a textile artist and the therapeutic journey I am experiencing through my textile design work and a business concept that could potentially provide interior creations of therapeutic fabrics. I have chosen to call this  ‘Therapeutic fabric designs’ – the fabrics are within my own therapeutic colour spectrum and are aimed to inspire my therapeutic designs as a theme of work.

The collection of samples, fabric testing and final wall hanging fabrics I have created, are all made up of

these three colour spectrums.

I am focused on interior design, fabrics that surround

us and inhibit our initial dwellings. I am inspired by historical and contemporary designers and this has greatly informed my work. I feel my large digitally printed wall hanging reflects an interest in dirty pour techniques and ‘Louis Morris’s’ work.

My textile work has been produced by creating six main silk screens; these include a dirty pour technique large A1 size screen and three digital screens A2- made up from drawings on my drawing tablet as digitally printing the drawings onto coda trace and of two A3 and A4 small hand-drawn coral reef depictions. The collections of fabrics for unit BA3b were brought together by screen printing adhesive to use foiling or velvet flock on designed pieces, this allowed me to strengthen the collection of fabrics and reinforce my chosen colours.

Instagram: @lizkatejones

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