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Freya Schader


I am a textile designer, specialising in architectural photography, digital print, and surface design. My inspiration stems from big cities, high rise buildings,

and modern built-up metropolises. The sleek, sharp angles and the reflections and mirages from windows all intensify the beauty I find within architectural photography.

My final collection focuses on sportswear, showing that it’s not only about aesthetics and that function is a key factor within fashion. In this collection, I experiment by combining both digital and screen printing to create texture and depth. The coloured patterns come in the form of thermochromic and hydrochromic dyes, both with changing properties. Thermo dyes change when in contact with heat and hydro when in contact with water, perfect when designing for sportswear.
The relationship between technology and textiles is where my creativity expands and my work expresses its true meaning.

Iga Szymanska