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Grace Barnes

Hello! My name is Grace and welcome to world of creativity.

As a Textile Designer my creativity is expressed through the use of colour, texture and pattern. My bespoke hand-painted watercolour designs are inspired and informed by nature, capturing it’s beauty and rhythm, expressing this through the creation of playful narratives. I am deliberate in producing designs that promote children’s wellbeing, the use of colour plays a vital part in my practice as I look to create calm, soothing patterns that promote a sense of fun and relaxation. Additionally, through the use of texture combined with my patterns I intentionally create whimsical designs that can help children explore their imagination, reconnect with nature, as well as provide a sense of security and comfort where they can relax and escape. I furthermore relish the process of amalgamating contemporary and traditional techniques to create innovative final outcomes which can potentially make a difference to a child’s life.

Eleanor Brigginshaw