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Hebe Chant


I am a printed textile designer who loves exploring shapes, mark making and colour using digital and silk screen printing techniques. I have an excitement for colour and how it can react when printed next to each other, this is explored through my printing techniques. I have been exploring how colour reacts when layered within my final project and this is something that I now have a great passion for. I have developed my own technique and how when over lapped a surprise can happen and a new shape and colour can be revealed. Printing has always been something I have been passionate about and my skills have developed to a great experience. I use my own way of printing to create my patterns. Using open screens and stencils help me create spontaneous prints that are large scale. I have developed this to a great skill. This is something that I really want to be able to develop further after university as this has been my main passion throughout my degree. Using this technique has meant that I can create one off large scale shapes that I couldn’t always create with an exposed screen. I also have a love for using collage to create my designs. This is a great way to create my designs by using cut up shapes and overlapping to create new shapes. I create my designs using coloured pages I have painted in the print room so my colours are the same as when I print.


Instagram: @hebechanttextiles

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