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Jenny Ross-Nevin

I consider myself to be a researcher, thinker, maker and artist working within the field of Textiles. Much of my work is concerned with process, rather than product. My methods are experimental and enquiry-based, both in concept and in production. I particularly enjoy working in an interdisciplinary way, using my textile practice as a facilitator for ideas. Techniques include weaving, both handloom and tapestry, and hand embroidery. I dye and hand paint fabrics and yarns for weaving.

My current direction is concerned with visual semiotics, the making of meaning through recognised signs, symbols and structures. It explores whether use of the decorative can itself create systems of meaning through received definitions of cultural and historic recorded writing. Extensive museum research into ancient script forms, patterns and arrangements has resulted in a series of textile resolutions that reference scrolls, papyrus fragments and clay/stone texts.

Eleanor Brigginshaw