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Louise Anker


I want to create garments specifically for children which is why I label my garments as gender-neutral. I believe it is important for children to have the opportunity to choose their own clothes so they can express themselves as individuals and in a world of separating pinks from blues I definitely think there is a gap I can fill. Children are so fun, playful, vibrant and full imagination which is exactly what I want to translate into my clothes.

I am very passionate about not using animal products so I have specifically sourced materials that are soft to the skin, safe for the planet and sympathetic to animals.

I use a traditional rug tufting technique to make some of my garments because I love the textures I can create with it. I also spend a lot of time conjuring up new ideas on my knitting machine as well as creating whacky drawings that I can translate into print.

Instagram: @ll_ouu


Iga Szymanska