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Lucy Perfect

I am Lucy Perfect, a Textile Designer specialising in printed and digital textile design. I have an interest in the history of art; this has inspired me to look to the past to inform my practice. For my latest work, I had looked into the period of 1890- 1910 when the decorative style of Art Nouveau thrived. Art Nouveau is characterised by its use of long twisting, organic, line and was mostly seen in architecture, interior design and illustrations. I visited the Royal Arcade in Norwich, Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth, Harrods food court London and the V&A Museum it soon became apparent that the English style of Art Nouveau used flowing lines and symbols taken from nature. The peacock was used on the decorative surface of the Hippodrome, on The Royal Arcade frieze and stained glass window, also on the tile decoration in Harrords. The peacock feature in many of my designs I have looked back on my previous knowledge and outcomes to develop my understanding of pattern and form.

To celebrate nature, I have used a broad colour pallet, developed structured designs that embrace the use of long twisting organic lines. My Nouveau Lake design has a twisting line of lily pads to form a lake for swans and water flowers in waving stripes across the design with space between to celebrate tropical nature with parrots and flamingos.

I have developed designs for tiles and embroidery as well as upholstery, wallpaper and fashion. My collection is vast, so I have divided them into mini sub-collections.

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